Networking is a long term business strategy

Networking is a long term business strategy, a process, not an event! It is important to define a networking strategy that is in alignment with your business plan to ensure success. Mastering the true art of networking or connecting is the key to a truly profitable and rewarding experience for you and your business

So how can you devise a networking strategy that grows your business that feels right for you? How will you know if you are networking in the ‘right’ circles? How can you be sure you are maximising all your efforts? What aren’t you doing that might be hindering your success?

Athena Networking Strategy Master Classes are highly informative, entertaining and interactive sessions designed for women like you; an investment that will ensure you consistently achieve your business goals.

Claire Kidd

Claire Kidd is the co-founder of The Athena Network Singapore. "My passion for words, obsession with grammar, and ability to work within a range of industries means that my clients receive top-notch content, every time. I work for fun-loving, driven individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to invest in content that reaches the right people, with the right words, at the right time. I’m in my element when helping clients put their content into context – whether for website copy, marketing campaigns, article writing and editing, blog posts, newsletters, social media feeds or printed collateral. I’m fanatical about syntax, apostrophes and metaphors so my clients don’t have to be. They call this content strategy – I call it getting paid to have fun with words!"

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