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When Google APAC decided to launch their Women Entrepreneurs on the Web (WEoW) programme following its success earlier this year in India, they decided to partner with a local organisation to help build a community of diverse-led businesses by providing them with the tools, skills and training needed to succeed. The Athena Network Singapore is delighted to have been approached by Google APAC to make the programme a huge success in Singapore.

This partner-led initiative will commence in Singapore in May 2012 and is driven by Women@Google to develop external networks and support women through digital media programmes.

In perfect alignment with The Athena Network’s aims of enabling success for its members through training and development, the Women Entrepreneurs on the Web’s 5 month programme includes practical training sessions using Google’s suite of tools combined with a variety of Athena-led topics relevant to small businesses.

The initiative in India has seen more than 300 female executives and entrepreneurs sign up for this groundbreaking programme to date.  Watch the video about the India programme.

The programme objectives include:

  • Maximise the online presence of local businesses through various online tools
  • 5 circle programme to ensure a targeted, sustainable and comprehensive platform for businesses to grow
  • Build a strong network of community to provide support for businesses

The WEoW programme is open to all female business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs in Singapore who wish to develop their business skills as well as being part of a growing global community of successful women to leverage technology to enhance their business.

We are very excited about this partnership which will be of immense value and benefit to all Athena Members!

Excited about this opportunity? Want to sign up or get more information? Check our Facebook page for regular updates!

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  • 10 May 2013 by Pauline Png

    HI, I am interested in the Google WeOW training sessions and have signed up but have not received any email or call from you yet, please advise as i would like to attend the training sessions happening in May, thanks.