Pitch Perfect – 10 Essential Skills for a Graceful Sale

At each Athena Executive Club meeting we hold Business Development Training. These short sessions are designed to share useful tips, facts and ideas covering a wide range of issues relevant to executives and entrepreneurs. Athena Executive Members come from a diverse variety of backgrounds with an immense wealth of knowledge and experience which we all benefit from during these member-led training sessions.

In May, Athena Executive Member, Carla Luce, wowed the group with her extensive media background to provide tips and tricks for ensuring the perfect sale – whatever your product or service. Carla’s sales experience was perfected during her ten years presenting live shows on TVSN, Australia’s home shopping network. We were delighted she shared her ten-step success formula with us.

10 Essential Skills

1)      Relationships – they must be built and nurtured with your potential and existing clients.

2)      Engage – it takes 30 seconds to capture someone’s attention when buying, so be quick and be memorable!

3)      Product – whatever you’re selling needs to be something you clearly believe in. Making something exclusive can also capture people’s attention and hurry their buying decision.

4)      Interaction – demonstrate your energy and passion and watch for feedback. Tweak your style according to your audience / target market.

5)      Urgency – set clear timeframes for when the product will be available and any discount or special offer period.

6)      Problem and Solution – find your customer’s ‘pain’ and offer a solution.

7)      Benefits vs Features – highlight the benefits to the end user rather than just listing the features.

8)      Choice – ensure there is a range of choice but do not overcomplicate things. The confused mind says no.

9)      Guarantee – providing a quality or a money-back guarantee builds trust with customers.

10)   Call to Action – the customer needs to clearly know where and how to make a purchase – don’t simply assume that they know.

These quick tips provide a clear approach to selling our products and services and can be adapted to fit your specific business. Thank you Carla!

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About Carla Luce

Carla Luce

Carla K is a presenter, model, writer and Stylist. Carla has been a regular presenter for the TV Shopping Network in Australia and is a dedicated follower of all things beautiful. Visit Carla’s website.

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