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A fantastic part of each Athena Executive Club meeting is the Networking Skills Training. These are short sessions aimed at providing quick tips and take aways for members and visitors to maximise their networking activities.

In June, Gina helped the Athena Executive Groups tackle that daunting question we all have to answer at networking events: “So, what do you do?

Whenever faced with this question, most of us have a stock response which we have probably repeated hundreds or thousands of times – “I work in IT” or “I’m a lawyer” – but will this ensure that we remain memorable and interesting to the other person? Depending on how many new people we are meeting on a regular basis, the answer needs to have enough impact so we stand out. Does your answer convince the other person to ask the ‘hook’ question – “tell me more?

If not, try introducing yourself with the benefits you provide to your clients, or to a specific niche:

I ensure my clients have a smile when they receive their tax return” (aka the accountant)

I help managers and leaders to run the happiest, most engaged teams possible” (aka the management coach)

I ensure a businesswoman always walks into meetings looking her absolute best” (aka personal stylist)

Depending on the situation, you might even try a quirky line such as “I shoot people for a living”(aka the photographer, courtesy of Athena Executive Member Jasmine Vincent).

Avoid the preconception of your industry or profession by being interesting and different – try a new approach the next time you are asked “what do you do” and see what the results are!

Each month we focus on a different aspect of networking and how it can support our business growth.

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Claire Kidd

Claire Kidd is the co-founder of The Athena Network Singapore. "My passion for words, obsession with grammar, and ability to work within a range of industries means that my clients receive top-notch content, every time. I work for fun-loving, driven individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to invest in content that reaches the right people, with the right words, at the right time. I’m in my element when helping clients put their content into context – whether for website copy, marketing campaigns, article writing and editing, blog posts, newsletters, social media feeds or printed collateral. I’m fanatical about syntax, apostrophes and metaphors so my clients don’t have to be. They call this content strategy – I call it getting paid to have fun with words!"

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  • 2 July 2012 by George Mathew - Singapore WorkVisa Specialist

    Hi Claire,

    Thank you for this blog post. Introducing myself based on what value I provide – what a simple idea, genius.

    It does make all the difference when I say
    “I get visas done for people who absolutely need it!”

    than “I’m dealing with immigration”

    I’m going to watching this space more often!