Work in the Future. Any Time, Any Device, Any Team, Any Place

In the second of 5 training topics delivered by Google as part of the Women Entrepreneurs on the Web (WEoW) programme, participants were introduced to a suite of applications and tools which they can implement to help with their own business activities.

The theme of the training session was ‘Work in the Future – Any Time, Any Device, Any Team, Any Place.’


Key highlights of Google apps:

Google Docs

  • Easily share documents (Word, Excel, images etc)
  • Google search function allows users to locate files easily
  • All edits visible in one document
  • Keep one version of each document with automatic version control
  • Notify users when document updates are made

Google Hangouts

  • Collaborate with colleagues, clients, vendors anytime, anywhere
  • Video and voice call function


  • Tags vs folders for easy storing
  • Labels – can be tagged multiple times
  • Priority inbox – gmail prioritises mail according to whom you send and what you write about
  • Choose between thread or conversation view

Google Calendar

  • Add multiple calendars – according to team members, projects etc
  • Sync with SmartPhone
  • Appointment slot booking function allows for smarter calendar bookings

Google Drive (previously Google Docs)

  • High volume storage
  • Documents available offline also
  • Search functionality available in Google docs (includes image search)

Participants were also introduced to the power of Google Analytics and how business owners can access this tool to better understand the needs of their clients based on their online activities.

With the number of internet users rising from 1.9B in 2010 to an estimated 5B in 2050, analysing online behavior of consumers is becoming an integral part of business ownership.

As business owners, we were reminded of the importance of the 3Be’s:


  1. Be found
  2. Be engaging
  3. Be accountable (i.e. measure it)

Google Analytics can help in numerous ways to help you understand your clients and their needs better:

  • Who is visiting my website? Download an audience report
  • What are people most interested in on my website? View the content report
  • How do people find my website? View the traffic sources report
  • What value am I offering online? View your conversion rate

The data in Google Analytics can be defined and divided in a number of ways according to your online and business goals. For example, you can categorise the data into:

  • Number of visitors from a certain country who browse the site for longer than 3 minutes
  • The number of new visitors each month who were referred from a specific website
  • Which web browser the majority of visitors are using to visit your site

The variety, range and reach of the data collected within Google Analytics is vast and constantly evolving. As mentioned in the first WEoW training session, it is very important to identify your goals for being online with your business. Once defined, a tool such as Google Analytics can help you track your progress, make any adjustments and revise your strategy if required.

The next WEoW training topic relates to the content and customer engagement you are establishing online.

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