Are you living your best life with passion?

Athena Cappuccino Connections, Friday September 28th 2012

At September’s Cappuccino Connections, co-founder of Soul Centre Singapore, Sally Forrest, caught everyone’s attention when she asked ‘are you living a life of passion, or just simply existing?

Have you ever stopped to think what sort of life you are creating for yourself? Are you truly living life or just going through the motions, day in and day out?

It would be difficult to explain more without giving away some of Sally’s fascinating life stories which led her on a path of self-discovery. We highly recommend you attend one of Sally’s talks if you can!

The main take away points from Sally’s presentation were:

  • If you are not living a life of passion, why not? What changes can you make to discover and follow your passion?
  • Avoid trying to correct your weaknesses, instead focus on making your strengths even stronger!
  • Finding your passion can be an eventful journey – trust the process and learn from each step
Sally opened SoulCentre Pte Ltd in Singapore in 2004 with Vikas Malkani, and today it is seen as Asia’s Premier Centre for personal development and life skills.
Soul Centre offers courses in  a range of life-enhancing areas including Reiki, meditation, feng shui and life coaching.Sally also co-founded the transformational children’s programme, SoulKids®, which gives children at a young age the skills needed to grow into confident, happy, self aware adults. Sally is also an author and has been interviewed in and is a regular contributor to numerous international publications.

About Sally Forrest

Sally is a former senior corporate executive turned social entrepreneur, founder of SoulCentre and author.

After 17 years in senior corporate roles both in the UK and Thailand, Sally decided that the time was right for her to give more back to life. She left her career and tirelessly worked to open an Orphanage in Thailand, which is now fully operational. Her life passion is to support individuals to achieve balance and harmony in their lives on a physical, mental and emotional level. She inspires clients to take an honest look at all aspects of their life and take responsibility for their life, happiness, health and healing.

Connect with Sally via Soul Centre, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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