Journey of an Entrepreneur

Each Athena Executive Club meeting includes Business Development Training. These short sessions are designed to share useful tips, facts and ideas covering a wide range of issues relevant to executives and entrepreneurs. Athena Executive Members come from a diverse range of backgrounds with an immense wealth of knowledge and experience which we all benefit from during these member-led training sessions.

At October’s Athena Executive Group, Joy Mahbubani, shared with us her eventful journey to becoming an entrepreneur and gave us all some thought-provoking tips to remember for our own journeys.

Originally Jyoti (meaning candle light in Hindu), Joy Mahbubani is a Singapore-based entrepreneur and owner of several successful businesses. A former highly successful corporate banker who entered into an arranged marriage, became a home maker for 12 years and then re-joined the business world as an entrepreneur in a range of fields including interior design, event management and restaurants – Joy certainly had a vast amount of first-hand experience to share with fellow entrepreneurs.

Here are some of her most valuable lessons learnt:

Enjoy what you do. What gets you out of bed every day? Make the most of each day

Joy remains passionate about people and numbers. While her former banking career addressed her passion for numbers, beng an entrepreneur and running several business combines this with her love for others.

Joy talks about the need to be ‘in flame’ instead of being ‘in wax’; everyone within your company needs to be ‘in flame’ too otherwise things won’t work quite as they should.

Review the state of your business (and your state of mind) 6 months ago and look 6 months ahead – are things heading the way you want them to? What changes do you need to make?

Most importantly – are you still enjoying the journey?

No one is an island. Recognise what you are and what you are not good at and get the team around you who can best support you. Find strategic partners to work with.

Who is the best person to represent the business (it’s not always you)? Who should be the face of it and who is better behind the scenes?

Joy explained to us that in one of her businesses, she recognised that she was not the best person to represent it and instead she hires the right people to work to their strengths allowing her to focus on hers.

Even if someone says no the first time, Joy strongly advises to keep trying and be persistent. Building the relationship might lead you somewhere even better!

Always show your sincerity and be congruent with who you are – otherwise, what’s the point?

Judgement. Don’t be afraid of it in the right circumstances.

Be strong. Apologise for mistakes and show integrity. Make the tough decisions.

Take responsibility for your team.

Learn from your mistakes (especially the big ones) as they provide the biggest lessons.

Opportunities. Seek them, find them, share them with others and be open to receiving them too!

You. What are you going to do today to enjoy your entrepreneurial journey even more?

About Joy Mahbubani

Joy, the founder and inspiration behind Joy Ventures, brings her deep-rooted philosophy of adding value to other people’s personal lives to a business environment. Whilst profits are essential for any business to survive, Joy believes that our personal and ethical principles do not need to be compromised in achieving our targets – whether they be personal or business related.

Coming from a banking and corporate management environment has provided Joy with a unique perspective on combining attention to detail with the need to deliver tangible results to her clients. As a result, most of Joy’s business is derived from repeat customers or referrals from her growing list of satisfied clients.

In her relatively few years of running her own business, one of Joy’s greatest talents and successes has been in developing strong, mutually-beneficial partnerships with people with a wide variety of expertise which enables Joy to offer her clients such a broad range of services.

Joy has extensive experience of doing business in Asia having lived in Hong Kong, Jakarta and Singapore and is fluent in English, Cantonese, Hindi and Bahasa Indonesia.

Connect with Joy via her website, LinkedInGoogle+ or by sampling the delicious cuisine at her Latin restaurant, El Toro, one of Joy’s many businesses in Singapore.

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