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At November’s Executive Group, essential oils specialist Laves Goh explained the powerful benefits of scent branding.

Multi-sensory branding is nothing new (visual logos and enticing music have been dominating marketing campaigns for decades). But scent branding is a relatively new concept and we are experiencing more examples around us all the time – often without even noticing. Shops, restaurants and public places are catching on to this clever phenomenon.

The scent is the beginning of the customer experience and some companies are beginning to spend more of their marketing campaign budget on this, including:

  • Customised scents for products
  • Scent in a physical store (so consumers connect the scent with their brand)
  • Scent marketing
  • Signature/trademark scents
  • Ambient scenting to put customers in a certain mood (think relaxing spa smells!)
  • Scented business cards are also rising in popularity

Companies are beginning to search for new ways to create an impact with their customers and clients – scent triggers memories and brand association (right brain) and enhances the overall customer experience.

Some common scents you might encounter include:

Spa – ylang ylang, lavender (calming atmosphere)

Restaurant – chocolate, lemon (boosts hunger)

Scent branding is all around us and will be an ever increasing element of a company’s brand.

About Laves

Laves Goh


Laves Goh is the founder of Grow and Glow and a former preschool educator who has a passion for imparting valuable knowledge, using fun and laughter methods.

Laves leverages her extensive knowledge in Essential Oils to help people live calmer, happier and healthier lives. Using only the best therapeutic oils from Young Living, she helps people to use essential oils for a variety of health and beauty issues – these oils can often eliminate the harmful effects of drugs.

Connect with Laves on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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