#planwAthena – Educating and Empowering Women throughout APAC

“Educate a boy, and you educate a man. Educate a girl and you educate a family.” 

~ Adelaide Hoodless (1857-1910) –  Canadian social activist and founder of the Women’s Institutes.

So the saying goes and we at The Athena Network are about to embark on a life changing project to hopefully make this a reality for hundreds, even thousands of women through the Asia Pacific region.

We are passionate about women encouraging, supporting and inspiring other women of all ages and backgrounds to achieve their goals, dream the unimaginable and break through barriers to lead the world forward; starting in their very own community. At our heart, The Athena Network is built on enabling social contribution.


What is PlanW?

Plan W is a $US10 Million initiative established by Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks company, to empower 2 million women in Asia pacific by 2017.

The aims of Plan W are:

  • to reach women of all socio-economic profiles through training and skills development.
  • to empower women to fulfill their right to have choices, opportunities and access to resources
  • to improve these women’s sense of self worth and ability to influence society and the economy.

How is The Athena Network involved?

Diageo have offered a prize of $10,000 to a Singapore project that supports their initiative and The Athena Network is one of the 3 shortlisted companies competing for the $10,000 prize.

The Athena Network believes that professional development and entrepreneurship training should be accessible to all women regardless of geographical location, race, education and financial standing.

How would Athena use the prize money to help women?

Our mission is to create an online knowledge network to promote social mobility through entrepreneurship.

The grand prize of $10,000 will go towards funding the development of an online community platform that enables female executives and entrepreneurs to empower other women who do not have access to essential information, resources and support.

Why is Athena passionate about PlanW?

We are a community of women from a diverse range of backgrounds, each having overcome challenges, pitfalls and failures to be successful businesswomen, executives and entrepreneurs. We believe it is our privilege and responsibility to pay it forward and support other women to reach their potential in life.

As businesswomen and entrepreneurs we leverage a range of technology to create social mobility and we plan to work across multiple communities (OFWs, ex-offenders, Athena, etc) to enable women to empower each other through learning and skill sharing.

How can people help the PlanW initiative?

Athena is one of just 3 regional finalists taking part in the contest which runs from 10am Monday February 18 and ends at 2pm Friday February 22. The organisation with the most tweets between these times will win the $10,000 to contribute to their project.

If you are on twitter, please show your support by tweeting the #planwAthena

Encourage your followers, friends, supporters and contacts to retweet with the #planwAthena

If you are a community influencer, please inspire and encourage others to support us by reweeting!

#planwAthena tweets you can use:

  • Diageo aims to empower 2 million women through learning ! RT> #planwAthena daily this week to support[Click to tweet this!]
  • Athena will provide free online training and resources to support women in APAC! RT> #planwAthena to support [Click to tweet this!]
  • Free training should be available to all women regardless of location, race, education & financial standing – RT> #planwAthena to support [Click to tweet this!]
  • Empowerment means a woman’s right to have choices, opportunities & access to resources ~Diageo RT> #planwAthena <& support our initiative! [Click to tweet this!]
  • We believe in using technology & education to create social mobility & help women reach their potential! RT> #planwAthena to support [Click to tweet this!]

More Information:

  • Only tweets during the above contest times will be counted
  • Only one tweet per person daily will be counted
  • Only the #planwAthena hashtag will help us to win
  • Visit our website for more information

Want more inspiration to help? Watch 2 minute video to see how women can change the world.

Please help us to make a difference to women around the region. Thank you for your support!

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