Harnessing the Power of Teams

Athena Executive Member, former lawyer, Business Affairs Director and multi-tasker extraordinaire, Moonlake Lee, shared her insights into team success at March’s Cappuccino Connections.
Moonlake juggles a busy work and home life but still manages to stay smiling. Here, she shares how:

How business owners and managers can leverage team power:

  • To differentiate your service offerings and expand the business
  • To retain staff – give them a reason to stay
  • Sanity – sharing the load really helps!
  • Ability to do more with less – using all team members and their key strengths achieves more

How entrepreneurs and solopreneurs can leverage team power:

  • Work with others to create your own ‘power team’ – find people with complementary skillsets
  • Pitch for bigger projects together with other entrepreneurs for better results
  • Teams share the load so decide who you need in yours!

Moonlake’s Tips for Managing a Team

  • Manage everyone’s ego – treat them all like stars so they each feel important to the company (not just the senior staff)
  • Promote everyone’s own specialties and celebrate their skills
  • Hire people who are smarter than you – don’t see it as a threat but embrace everyone’s unique talents
  • Recognise initiative in team members – let them take the lead if they want (for example, one of Moonlake’s team members likes to create short videos, so she was encouraged to create videos to promote the fun activities the team did together)
  • Create an atmosphere of mentorship and professional growth – across all levels of the team
  • Treat vendors as part of your team – invite them to social events and include them in activities. They contribute to your success too.
  • Recognise the contribution Gen X and Y team members make – retaining them will help to further sustain growth
  • Gather input from your team members on things like your charter and mission statement – it makes them feel valued and also makes them more accountable
  • Have fun – outside of the office too. Activities such as running and zumba classes are a great way for the team to get together, enjoy some exercise and spend time with each other in different environments (helps to understand each other better)
  • Find the best communication method for your team (Moonlake’s team often didn’t read or reply to emails so they set up a closed Facebook group to share messages, positive customer feedback and team updates)
  • Ensure feedback is delivered frequently and effectively (360 degree feedback ensures all team members give and receive feedback to everyone else – it’s often the most junior staff who have the most useful insights!)

TEAM = Totally Engaged And Meaningful

Bringing your team together at work is one thing, but the true power of teamwork comes out when they collaborate on projects to help others.

Moonlake’s team at Specialist Dental Group worked together to raise funds and made a donation of over $20,000 to the Rainbow Centre last year. This creates an emotional connection for the team, working together on a combined mission. [Read more here]

Your Customers

Who’s the boss? The customer (or patient in this case!). Bringing your team together to foster a service culture ensures the focus remains on the most important team members – your customers. Moonlake shared her own team’s ‘rules’ on customer service:

1)      Listen to the senior office manager (she knows most things and is like the general of the platoon!)

2)      Do not fight with each other

3)      Don’t forget the first two rules

Harnessing your Personal Team:

  • Kids – tell them what you’re doing and why – treat them like adults – rope them in and they will be more cooperative
  • Bond: read together, run together, have tea time regularly
  • Helper – domestic help is such a big part of success for working families
  • It relies on a relationship of delegation, trust and communication
  • Husband – they are your life-long team partner
  • Complement each others skills
  • Be the sounding board and support for each other
  • Be involved with the kids – each has a role to play
  • Listen and communicate with each other

 Nothing can be achieved without a solid team around you

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About Moonlake

Moonlake Lee

Moonlake Lee is the Director of Business Affairs at Specialist Dental Group, an award-winning dental practice at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore. She is responsible for Marketing and Communications activities, Business Affairs, Branding, Strategic Planning, Human Resources and other non-clinical matters. Prior to joining Specialist Dental Group, Moonlake was the Chief Executive Officer of eMenders, a group of more than 50 leading medical and dental specialists based at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.

Moonlake graduated from Rutgers University, USA with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Journalism and Mass Media. She completed the Joint MBA/JD and a Masters of Law in e-Business at York University, Canada. Formerly a corporate lawyer in Toronto, Moonlake relocated to Singapore in 2004 and has been in the healthcare industry for over 8 years.

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