Athena MD Gina Romero invited to talk at LinkedIn

Linkedin recently announced they had reached one million users in Singapore and invited our very own Athena MD, Gina Romero,  to talk about personal branding and growing the Athena community at their celebratory milestone (their first anniversary since launching was February).

Since launching in Singapore in 2011, LinkedIn has reached 70% of its addressable market; a huge saturation rate representing almost 20% of the Singapore population. With a reported 200 million plus members worldwide and recent innovations that continue to provide value to companies and professionals alike, it may come as no surprise that a million users in South-East Asia’s regional business hub of Singapore have flocked to join the world’s largest and thriving professional network.

While IT, banking and financial services are the top three industries for LinkedIn members in Singapore, the growth of Athena through social media comes as a reminder that the online platform is just as pivotal for small businesses and personal branding as it is for corporations.

Gina shared her success with LinkedIn, how she used it to build a personal brand, develop authenticity and visibility to attract the people and connections instrumental in the growth of Athena.

For Gina, being an entrepreneur and a community leader is about a new wave of transparency – a way to be personable, share values and illustrates credibility. Creating and maintaining a compelling profile and presence on LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for propelling success.

You can learn more, check out our blog on “ten ways to market yourself on Linkedin” (when Irene Chan from LinkedIn visited the Athena Executive Club) and don’t forget to join our Athena LinkedIn group.

Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum manages content and ops at The Athena Network Singapore. Amanda started her Athena journey at The Athena Network’s headquarters in the UK, designing and managing operational systems throughout the region. She comes from a background in data analysis and workflow automation after transitioning from life as an Anthropologist in the USA. A person addicted to generating ideas and finding better, more efficient ways of doing things within a greater cultural context, Amanda’s interest lies in processes and behavioral trends – and how these things affect the human experience and society – from business and technology to communication, culture, sustainability and community. Connect with Amanda online and via LinkedIn.

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