Dare to Live

Athena Executive Club Member and transformational coach, Elfarina Zaid has been through several transformations and re-transformations in her relatively short life. At April’s Cappuccino Connections, she shared what she has learnt along the way…

Ask for support, not permission

  • Elfarina has always been a daredevil – never wanting to follow the ‘safe’ or ‘expected’ path.
  • She went on to explore the international boundaries for her career in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2005 with nothing but a dream, determination and a backpack.

Believe in yourself

  • What drives you? It’s something Elfarina now always asks herself and her clients; until you know this, it’s hard to work towards your dreams.
  • Vulnerability is a skill Elfarina has learnt to live with and embrace.  Asking for help is a vital survival skill and not a weakness.
  • I am already enough.” Be open to receiving the good things you deserve and believe in yourself until you have achieved them – don’t settle for anything less.

Be constantly challenged – be constantly alive

  • Reinventing herself has been a recurring pattern throughout Elfarina’s life and career. From  a career in luxury brands to Emirates Airlines to brand managing golf apparels throughout the whole of the Middle East, she’s now blessed to find her love in her work.
  •  Elfarina believes by doing this you are able to break away from old patterns and habits to create and follow new ones, always aiming for better things for yourself and those around you.
  • Throughout all her roles, Elfarina’s people skills has meant that she has met a lot of people – all with one common connection – a desire to be happy.  She has met entrepreneurs with limited resources and knew this was a specific group of people she particularly wanted to help.  She is privileged that she can now help people achieve happiness in whichever way(s) they define this for themselves whilst pursuing her other ‘big’ dreams.
  • Social and emotional intelligence (EQ) are skills which people need help to master and live through – Elfarina believes this is just as important as any other skill we can learn through education or experience.

It’s not how hard you fall, it’s how fast you recover

  • Elfarina’s father has been an inspiration to her. All he wanted to do was provide for his children and make them happy, his own priorities were secondary. Although she appreciates this, Elfarina believes she can help people live for now, and not wait until they retire to enjoy the fruits of their labour.
  • Upon her return to Singapore, Elfarina committed to ‘kicking people’s butts in Asia and to dare to live, love, be happy.
  • Through coaching, Elfarina has been able to share her stories (of success and failure), and be involved in the development of people’s ideas and dreams (rather than just products!)
  • When going through a financially challenging time in her business, Elfarina contemplated getting a ‘proper job’ but a close friend reminded her – ‘You can’t quit on your dream whilst you’re still helping others achieve theirs.’

Choose words and shape the story of your life

  • As she focuses her work on Asia, Elfarina believes in the courage to be “Creators of Value, Leaders of Impact for a better age”. She continues her work to spread the impact of coaching in innovation, leadership and engagement in organisations and communities.
  • Besides Elf Coaching, as a catalyst within the local coaching community in Singapore and Asia, she is an Executive Committee of the International Coaching Federation (ICF),  Associate Coach for the Singapore Civil Service and Faculty for Coaches Training Institute.

Find your dream. Live it.

Elfarina Zaid


About Elfarina

With a focus on Asia, Elfarina works with a diverse range of people and organisations to blend innovation, leadership and engagement into their work. Her company, Elf Coaching, partners with organisations, governments and leaders to impact Asia on a global landscape.

Elfarina is the first Singaporean faculty with the world leading Coaches Training Institute US and an Executive Member with ICF Singapore where she is preparing for the upcoming week of coaching events at the end of the month. Elfarina is the 2nd Vice President of the ICF Singapore Chapter (2013-2014) ExCo.

Connect with Elfarina via LinkedIn.

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