A 15 Year Old’s Take on the Athena Executive Club…

~written by Megan Davison

I was fortunate to attend the Athena executive meeting on the 10th of July.

I was amazed to see how many successful women there were sitting around the table conversing.

The two hours consisted of an opening speech, the business card shuffle, the minute speeches from everyone around the room, lunch and finally feedback time.

The talk started with a few key tips on business; building relationships, connecting with people and selling yourself as well as your product. These strong assertive words made it clear that to be successful within the business world you have to know your goal and work towards it.

As a new comer to this group, it was interesting to be present when all of the women around the room were able to stand up, and tell everyone about their business and what they wanted to get out of the day’s session.

Everyone was prepared to give their minute speech and to hand out their professionally designed business cards, which really made the atmosphere a nice one to be in.

Everyone was sharing their thoughts and ideas on how each and every one of them can be successful.

The feedback time within the Athena network is where you can stand up and say if you have any contacts that would be able to assist anyone else in the room.

This is based on what participants had said they were looking for earlier. The sharing and advice given at this section, made it clear that these meetings bring women from all different business sectors together and enables them to help each other out.

Nearing  the end of the session we were able to listen to a lady speak about her experiences working to support women in the sex trafficking trade. This really made me think of how unaware I am of all of the appalling things that go on around the world.

Megan Davison – Work Experience at SoulCentre Pte Ltd with Sally Forrest

Soul Centre Megan

– Thank you Megan for this amazing (and speedy!) write up! We wish you all the best for your future career!

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