We’re Partnering with Microsoft and StarHub!

You may or may not have heard about Athena’s strategic partnership with StarHub and Microsoft for the launch of the Connected Women – Powering Women in Business event?! We have been calmly trying not to go overboard with our celebrations just yet – there’s so still so much to do! But we wanted to highlight here why we have partnered with the two technology giants – because it is for you, our Athena community, after all!

“The world’s largest growing economic force isn’t China or India – its women.”

-Anita Caras, Microsoft Head of Consumer Insights

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Although there is plenty of it, you needn’t look to research to know that women are building businesses of huge potential. Every day at Athena we see talented, business savvy women, often ex-corporates, going on to run their own profitable enterprises.

We are proud to be part of that journey – to be there to provide the support, training and network to take businesses and careers to the next level.

To help with that journey we constantly ask the big questions: What would make us more productive? What are our biggest challenges and knowledge gaps? What would save us time and money? Help us scale? Help us manage our team? It is our job at Athena to identify these needs and work to find the solutions.

We all know that technology is essential in the development of our skills and business. No business today could function without it. But what we’ve found at Athena, is that many of us are not leveraging technology as well as we could be.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with technology?

Even we, a tech savvy team at Athena HQ, have our struggles with technology. Do you share the pain? Maybe you find that terms like ‘cloud’, ‘pop servers’ and ‘big data’ are mystery to you? Or that you’re struggling to keep up-to-date the latest tools and breakthroughs? Or that you’re not as e-commerce savvy as you could be?

It is in recognising this fundamental knowledge gap that we are supporting Connected Women in driving technology adoption among women-led businesses. Because technology adoption is what hits the bottom-line. Understanding the tools and technology available and applying them to our businesses in the right way, will make us more productive, more profitable, more powerful and more resilient.

This is why we’ve partnered with StarHub and Microsoft. We’ve partnered with these technology giants as a long-term Connected Women initiative to provide technology focused events, training and workshops to support the growth of female led business and startups.

Join us for the launch of the partnership and the inaugural Connected Women – “Powering Women in Business” event. We have an amazing line-up for you – including Keynote speakers Jessica Tan, Managing Director of Microsoft SG and Pak Lum Mock CTO of StarHub and hands-on, interactive training sessions.

The best part is Athena members receive discounted tickets and if you are an Executive Club member, enjoy complimentary VIP entry! Book now to reserve your place, tickets are expected to sell-out fast!

To find out more, check out
Or download the Connected Women Attendee Deck!

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