Lessons from the Military, Athena style


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In one of our previous blogs we interviewed MK, the Army Combat Officer turned dream mapping entrepreneur. MK is one of those women with a wealth of diverse experience and an equal amount of humility and creativity in her approach to business.

When MK joined Athena as an Executive Club member she was just starting out as an Independent Financial Advisor, piecing together a 15 year history with the military and her new life as an entrepreneur – two very different worlds.

As with all budding entrepreneurs, part of the ongoing process is making our varied life and career experiences relevant to our entrepreneurship journey.

When MK told the Athena team her story we marveled and exclaimed at how military concepts translate to the business world. So we asked her to share!

At next week’s Athena Executive Club, MK will talk military and business. With a military insight unknown to many, MK will reveal how military structures apply to team structures in the business world. We’re very happy to have her join the entrepreneurial ranks and allow us to benefit from her lessons in the military.

We salute the MK’s “Militrepreneur” style and invite you to attend!

To attend the meeting, and to discover how to ramp up your networking strategy, request an invite to *Executive Club 12-2pm on Wed 13th November.

*The Athena Executive Club is a boardroom style lunchtime meeting with a structured networking and training format designed to bring results. Lunch, training, business contacts and networking strategy packed into two productive hours!


Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum manages content and ops at The Athena Network Singapore. Amanda started her Athena journey at The Athena Network’s headquarters in the UK, designing and managing operational systems throughout the region. She comes from a background in data analysis and workflow automation after transitioning from life as an Anthropologist in the USA. A person addicted to generating ideas and finding better, more efficient ways of doing things within a greater cultural context, Amanda’s interest lies in processes and behavioral trends – and how these things affect the human experience and society – from business and technology to communication, culture, sustainability and community. Connect with Amanda online and via LinkedIn.

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