Dr. Robyn Wilson – an introvert’s networking success story

Many people within the Athena Community know of Dr. Robyn Wilson, our Athena board adviser and one of Singapore’s top facilitators and executive coaches. Her ever-presence in the entrepreneur scene has almost reached fandom status!

dr robyn

Since joining Athena, we’ve seen Dr Robyn undergo a huge transformation – emerging onto the Startup entrepreneurial scene and new leadership heights. From Executive Connections facilitator to Founder of Startup Conversations and panelist facilitator at the Powering Women in Business conference – all on top of running her business, Praxis Management Consulting.

For those who have met Dr Robyn will have heard her confess to being an  introvert averse to networking – so it may come as a surprise to many to see Dr. Robyn take on the public stage, develop a powerful network and nurturing a women’s business community.

It is obvious though, that despite the confessed introversion, Dr Robyn’s gift is in people and helping to provide clarity. As a board adviser she has helped the Athena HQ team find its momentum as a fast-growing startup. She believes that each person is unique with their own dreams, responsibilities, giftings and challenges and loves seeing individuals discover and realize the greater potential. Her ethos is not to “bid you enter the house of her wisdom, but rather lead you to the threshold of your own mind.”

Amid all this, Dr. Robyn works with leaders in Asia to enable them to manage and grow their organisations – whether they be CEOs, senior leaders, entrepreneurs or people with dreams! – as a facilitator, consultant, executive coach, educator and researcher.

We’ve seen Dr Robyn facilitate many events but we have yet to hear her story. Now’s our chance to hear her “big why” at this Friday’s (29th November) Cappuccino Connections.

Find out more about Dr. Robyn– what has led her to where she is today, why she’s doing what she’s doing, and what’s next?!

Join us on Friday 29th November’s at Cappuccino Connections and meet, connect and network with 40 ladies in the local business scene in a friendly and informal environmental.

Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum manages content and ops at The Athena Network Singapore. Amanda started her Athena journey at The Athena Network’s headquarters in the UK, designing and managing operational systems throughout the region. She comes from a background in data analysis and workflow automation after transitioning from life as an Anthropologist in the USA. A person addicted to generating ideas and finding better, more efficient ways of doing things within a greater cultural context, Amanda’s interest lies in processes and behavioral trends – and how these things affect the human experience and society – from business and technology to communication, culture, sustainability and community. Connect with Amanda online and via LinkedIn.

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