The language of admiration – how an English consultant’s love for language led to starting a business


Daisy Teh set up her business to make her parents proud. Now, as a successful post-graduate and English language coach, her parents must be beaming.

Her business Margaret Stanley Language Consultancy is a tribute to her parents Margaret Gan and Stanley Tan. It’s a business born out of a sense of pride, sensitivity, deliberation and keen awareness around words, enunciation and the rhythm of language.

Speaking with controlled pace, vulnerability, power postures and a low, commanding voice, Daisy is the Zen master of presenters. Her speech comes easy; her philosophy is once you know the strategy and the rules of the English language, it’s simple to apply – and her passion is to help others achieve just that.

After a long history teaching communication and the English language, Daisy decided to set up her own business under the influence and support of fellow Athena member Elyse Anne Lim.

“I’m a master of it; why not make my expertise into a business? It’s okay being a salaried worker, but I’m definitely more than that. I strongly believe I’m really good at it. My dream is to be the most sought after non-native English language coach.”

Daisy on chair closeup

Her passion for the English language started in childhood, “I remember entering a spelling contest in school and coming first runner up with no preparation. I had a natural talent for it and found it simple to understand the flow of composition. My father had a great command of the English language which he relayed to my sister and me.”

Daisy’s father left a lasting impression on her, and her tribute to him is accentuated by his premature death. Daisy shared he was murdered when she was fifteen. She recalls the day vividly and the hardship her mother went through to support her and her sister thereafter. Her mother worked three jobs, making ends meet with just a primary education. To support her way through university Daisy pursued sponsored programs and took up teaching to fund her studies. She loved it and managed to achieve what she wanted whilst getting funding for higher education.

Both Daisy and her sister are master degree holders and this stands as a loving testament to their parents.

“My mother didn’t borrow, beg or steal to get by; she sacrificed her life for her family and my dad gave so much to us before he died.”

Her dad, she said with huge admiration, was a good man with good character. He spoke with a confidence and clarity that she wanted to mimic. To Daisy, there is something so special about having finesse and ease with communicating. So special that she committed to mastering it and teaching it to others.

For a window into Daisy’s teachings check out her Athena guest blog post on “10 ways to create an authoritative presence”. You can meet Daisy and other great Athena members at our next Athena event!

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