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CC-Pic2_V2Most of the ladies who come to Athena are there to make new connections, find potential clients and identify collaborators. And that’s exactly what you should be thinking about when you attend a networking event.Apart from all of that, there’s also something quite magical that happens when you join our community – you start to get known as an expert in your field.
Why is this important?

  • Experts earn higher than market rate
  • They can choose the clients and projects they take on
  • They don’t have to work as hard to generate business
  • Customers and partner seek them out (not the other way round)

Interestingly enough – it’s not that hard to achieve, although it does take effort and long term commitment. In a nutshell – you get out what you put in.If there are faces that you see cropping up a lot lately, in newsletters, at events, in magazines and on websites – it’s because these people are making a conscious and consistent effort to add more value.

We would LOVE to raise your profile as a local expert, but we need your help 🙂

All of our events are at cost price (you only pay the price of food and drink) – so you have at least 2 opportunities each month to get seen, plus fantastic partner events which are often free or heavily discounted. We also include a listing on the Executive Lifestyle online magazine and directory to publish your business information and expert content – so you can get found online too.

We are committed to providing a great platform for you to get connected and inspired. But we can’t do it for you.

As Woody Allen said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up”.

We look forward to welcoming you! Read on for news and events…

PS> Do reply! What are your networking challenges? Can I help you overcome them? Let me know what would help you take that first step – or bring you to the next level.

To our success,

Gina and The Athena Network Singapore Team
Asia Pacific’s Leading Community for Female Executives and Entrepreneurs

Gina Romero

Gina Romero is the Managing Director of The Athena Network Singapore & Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific's Leading Business Community for Female Executives and Entrepreneurs.The Athena Network provides a platform for members to share knowledge and experience across a diverse range of industry sectors, and to collaborate for mutual success. Connect with Gina on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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