What Is Your Networking Challenge?

Athena-Cappucino-Connections-imageFor the last two weeks at Athena meetings, we have been discussing how important it is to align your networking goals with your business goals. As business owners or professionals you probably work with a marketing plan, a financial plan and a business plan. But is your networking plan kind of ‘stuck’ on the side of all of these – filling the gaps between other busy things you do?

Many of our members are surprised to find that networking can be a great way to overcome whatever challenges we have in our business, but first we need to align our networking challenges to our business challenges.

Take a piece of paper and write down your networking challenges. Maybe you are really shy? Maybe you don’t have time to network.

Then write down your business challenges. Maybe you need more clients? Maybe you have cash flow issues?

Now take a look at the two and you may see a pattern. If you are shy and have trouble getting new clients – perhaps networking can help you build your confidence around people?  If you haven’t got time to network but you need more clients, maybe you need to allocate some time to generate new business?

You may be surprised at how much networking can have a positive impact on your business. And we would love to help!

Come along to Cappuccino Connections next Friday and see for yourself how our members are using networking to achieve their business and professional goals. Or if you are fired up and ready to go, make a commitment and join as a member right now! We would love you to be part of your journey…

PS> Do reply! What do you need to take your business to the next level? Would you like to know if networking can help you?

To our success,

Gina and The Athena Network Singapore Team
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Gina Romero

Gina Romero is the Managing Director of The Athena Network Singapore & Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific's Leading Business Community for Female Executives and Entrepreneurs.The Athena Network provides a platform for members to share knowledge and experience across a diverse range of industry sectors, and to collaborate for mutual success. Connect with Gina on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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