A Tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

A Tribute to Lee Kuan YewIt has been a sad, sad week for Singapore as the nation collectively mourns the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I’ve personally found it hard to focus on day to day tasks this week, there has been so much happening across the various online platforms, media and news channels.


As we come together to share our thoughts, memories and stories, and the world reaches out to share their condolences and tributes, I think we can be forgiven for having a reflective and less productive week.


Please read on for a few simple tributes from the Athena community that we would like to share with you in this week’s blog.
a-tribute-to-LKYA Tribute To Mr. Lee Kuan Yew
By Louisa Lee, Lydia Neo and Martha Ricketts ChaudhryOn the 23rd of March, 2015 Singapore woke to this sad notice:

Passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, founding Prime Minister of Singapore.

Prime Minister is deeply grieved to announce the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the founding Prime Minister of Singapore. Mr Lee passed away peacefully at the Singapore General Hospital today at 3.18am. He was 91.

Here are a few tributes shared by members of the Executive Lifestyle and Athena community.

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LKY-entrepreneural-lessons8 Entrepreneurial Lessons We Can Learn From Mr. Lee Kuan Yew
By Gobbs S.Y. Lim

Growing up in the 70s, I consider myself part of a very fortunate generation. We get to enjoy the harvest of what our founding father Mr. Lee Kuan Yew had fought for, through extreme guts, grit and tears.

With the exception of the month of the Hungry Ghost Festival, I don’t remember a single time I’ve felt unsafe walking alone in the dark along the streets of Singapore.

While travelling has opened my eyes to rich histories and cultures, it has also made me appreciate the solid infrastructure and political stability in Singapore. This allows us to focus on our personal goals, and we get to go as far as our passion and perseverance will take us.

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