Cappuccino’s & Cocktails – Goodbye October, Hello November!

I can hardly believe that we are into the last week of October already.

If 2014 was like a galloping horse dragging me through the year, 2015’s ‘Goat’ year has been like a ninja, silently passing me by!We wrap up this hazy October with our informal networking coffee morning ‘Cappuccino Connections’ on Friday, with the inspiring Masami Sato founder of Buy-1-Give-1. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Masami’s story!

Next Wednesday we have the last Executive Connections networking social evening of 2015. This monthly event is open to both gentlemen and ladies, so it’s a perfect opportunity to bring your male colleagues and business partners, husbands and friends.

If you are feeling a little shy but want to attend either event – just reply to this email and let me know! I will make sure that I am personally there to meet you and introduce you to our members.

We look forward to welcoming you!

P.S. Read on for November news and events.


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Upcoming Events
Cappuccino Connections

Coffee Morning Networking at Mandarin Oriental Axis Lounge
October 30th, 2015 Friday  10:00 am – 12:00 noon
Cost – $30 members / $35 1st-time visitors

Cappuccino Connections are sophisticated, informal networking sessions for female executives and entrepreneurs held at the 5 Star Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Join us and meet fellow professionals and entrepreneurs in a relaxed, business-focused environment. Cappuccino Connections is a great introduction for visitors to experience networking the Athena way!

At each meeting, a speaker shares an inspiring story of their journey as well as relevant tips we can put into practice in our businesses and careers.

Athena events are attended by talented and highly motivated individuals – their passion, energy and determination to fulfill their business goals make our networking formula truly unique.

Our members attend regular Cappuccino Connections meetings to build a portfolio of quality business contacts and for a dose of monthly inspiration!

Imagining a new world where everything we do makes a difference

Being an entrepreneur and mother of two, Masami started to question the astonishing inequality we have in our world. Years later, she came up with a simple way that would transform the way we see and connect with our world. The initiative she heads up today creates a world where every small business and their teams can make life-changing impacts just by doing what they normally do. Already it has created more than 60 million ‘giving impacts’ around the world. And it was all made possible through ’the power of small’

About Masami:

Masami was born in Japan but her desire to expand her horizons took her on an incredible journey of exploration travelling throughout the world. Her way of travelling was all about connecting and sharing with people to gain new insights and understandings of different cultures, lifestyles and environment. She also became aware of the desperate need for support and change in certain countries in contrast with the modern lifestyles of developed countries. Her soul search became much based on the creation of real connectivity of all different cultures and people to realise the world full of real WIN-WIN relationships.

She has also gone through a journey as an entrepreneur since 2001 starting and running several commercial enterprises all aiming to transform the way businesses are operated today– supporting people in need and contributing to the increased awareness of the public. Her belief has always been the creation of real transformational business and charity model with a positive and empowering approach. By taking a completely new look at the power of connection and giving, she founded a novel concept – one that’s already dramatically impacting the way business, Worthy Causes and individuals connect at a deeper level. It’s called Buy1GIVE1 (or B1G1 in short). It’s giving businesses the power to change lives.

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Athena Executive Connections

Social Drinks at The Halia, Raffles Hotel
  November 4th 2015 Wednesday 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Cost – $30 members / $35 1st-time visitors

Join us for our popular Athena social evening! Everyone is welcome – bring your colleagues and friends for a fun and relaxed evening of drinks, nibbles and casual conversations at Halia, Raffles Hotel.

This event is open to members and first-time visitors. Gentlemen also welcome!

Cost: $35 includes 2 drinks from a selection provided by Halia including beer, house-pours, wine, mocktails or juices.


Tiger Beer Draft (Half-Pint), Beefeater Gin, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Smirnoff Vodka, Bacardi White Rum, Jim Beam Bourdon, Grant Whisky, Selected Red Wine, Selected White Wine, Selected Prosecco +Coke, Sprite, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Fruit Punch, Halia’s Mocktail.

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