Thank You From The Athena Network Singapore

The Athena Network Singapore

Before everything goes crazy ahead of the Christmas holidays, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your support – from reading our articles to giving your feedback.

A network like Athena is only as powerful as what we collectively bring to the table, and your participation and contribution makes a difference. I believe that each connection opens a new door, each interaction creates a new opportunity, and each introduction creates a new collaboration.

We would love for you to be an active member of the network in 2017 – and as a special thank you and early Christmas gift, here’s a $100 discount on our Executive Membership!

We want you to kick off 2017 with an amazing network who will support you on every step of your journey. Join today and enjoy complimentary membership for the rest of 2016.

(Our Executive Membership includes the Athena Network membership, an Executive Lifestyle directory, and a Content Marketing package).

Find Out More

Find out more!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you as a member in 2017!

If you’re still not convinced with using networking as one of your business marketing strategies, read ‘6 Reasons Why Networking Could Be Your Best Marketing Strategy For 2017’.

If you want to try out our membership first, I’m inviting you to join us for our Christmas Party on December 14th! Book your seat here.

Gina Romero
Managing Director


The Athena Network (Singapore & Asia Pacific)
Asia Pacific’s Leading Community for Female Executives and Entrepreneurs

Gina Romero

Gina Romero is the Managing Director of The Athena Network Singapore & Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific's Leading Business Community for Female Executives and Entrepreneurs.The Athena Network provides a platform for members to share knowledge and experience across a diverse range of industry sectors, and to collaborate for mutual success. Connect with Gina on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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