Meeting Types

Executive Club Meetings

For those who prefer a more structured networking session, we have The Athena Executive Club.

Members of The Athena Executive Club attend monthly networking and business strategy meetings hosted within an elegant yet relaxed boardroom setting. The Athena Executive Club provides a bespoke and intimate environment to share business objectives, strategic collaboration opportunities and to cultivate personal and professional growth for greater success.

The Athena Executive Club monthly business meetings take place between 12 – 2pm.The meeting is structured and continues throughout lunch. At Athena Executive Clubs you will discover how we balance format and focus, with fun and informality.

Members of The Athena Executive Club recognise the importance of investing time in building key relationships and expanding their business knowledge and expertise.

  • Introduction – Each meeting will be facilitated by a chair person who will introduce the groups committee and ensure that the meeting flows and keeps to time so that we can respect your business schedule.
  • Athena Monthly Minute – This is Athena’s version of the Elevator Pitch. An opportunity you for to communicate directly to the group who you are, what you do and most importantly what it is you are looking for to help your business this month. This may be a contact or a referral to an individual or company.
  • Networking Strategy Training – A ten minute strategy session designed to enhance your professional networking skills including practical advice on how to maximise your networking activities.
  • Business Development Training – A ten minute presentation by an outside speaker or an expert from within the group, to add value to our member’s businesses by providing advice and tips in areas such as business planning, marketing, legal or financial information.
  • Let’s Talk Business – In this part of the meeting we demonstrate, in a non-pressurised environment, that business contacts and referrals are being generated within the group. This is an opportunity for everyone to share with the group any business referrals they might have for one another as well as any new business success stories or recommendations.
  • Community & Networking News – As well as informing everyone at the meeting about Athena trainings and networking events that are coming up, we always like to share information on other events that are taking place in the local business community that will be of interest to our members. Executive Club members also benefit from facilitating their own training sessions and workshops for Athena members.
  • Closing – Although the meeting officially finishes at 2pm, there will be an opportunity to carry on networking, which many members choose to do. Alternatively, we finish early enough for you to schedule another meeting in the afternoon.

Cappuccino Connections

Cappuccino Connections is a sophisticated, informal networking session held at the 5 Star Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Our Associate and Executive Members are invited to attend Cappuccino Connections and to meet and interact with fellow professionals and entrepreneurs in a relaxed, business-focused environment.

Speakers from The Athena Executive Club provide valuable training and information sessions on a variety of topics to enable you to grow your business as well as build a portfolio of high quality business contacts.