The Athena Executive Club

executive-club-thumbThe Athena Executive Club holds monthly networking and business strategy meetings hosted within an elegant and relaxed boardroom setting.

The Executive Club invites women from various professional backgrounds to participate in a structured and facilitated lunch-time meeting that focuses on providing networking and business development training and a place to share business objectives, make strategic connections and long-term relationships for greater success.

The Athena Executive Club provides access to a host of expertise and is perfect for women who are serious about growing, scaling and expanding their businesses and careers in a supportive and focused environment.

We have a maximum of 20 ladies from different professions at each Executive Club meeting and this is open to visitors by invitation only. We typically have a maximum of 5 spaces for visitors at each lunch.

There are currently two Executive Clubs which meet monthly (excluding August and December). The Executive Club is by invitation only.

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    28 February 2015 by Helga Herrera

    Hi, my name is Helga, I own a photography business and I manage and market it, in addition to being a photographer and photography instructor. I would like to attend your next Executive Club luncheon. I know it is by invitation only for non members.
    I don’t know any member that could invite me, but I have heard a lot of good things about Athenea, and would like to attend one of your meetings to decide if this group is a good fit for me. I am an expat and my main objective is to interact with Singaporean professionals and entrepreneurs. Please let me know when this would be possible. Regards,
    Helga Herrera

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