• Athena has given me the space to grow my business, my network, and my confidence. I feel like I am part of a family, under the protective wings of Gina, who always sees the best in us and searches to provide the best for us. When someone is as passionate about networking and empowering women as Gina is, and so tech savvy, it is a win-win-win situation. I look forward to each meeting with anticipation. The feeling of belonging comes from knowing that the women there support each other, that we “get each other” because of our similar situations, no matter how different our work may be, and that the meetings are meant to help us develop various aspect of our business. Athena is a lifeline for my business. I am grateful to all the women who booked my services and made referrals. Most of my business last year came through Athena.

    Pauliina Salmenhaara

  • I have hugely benefited from being an Athena member. It is an exceptional group of inspirational female professionals and entrepreneurs. I have found several business partners and clients through Athena’s events. The atmosphere is truly unique, people are genuinely supportive,
    recommending each other to their contacts and introducing key people.
    Such a fantastic culture!

    Marika Arovuo

  • The first time I met Gina was 5 years ago at a cafe in East Coast Park where she brought her kids and had baby Luke in her arms. We shared experiences and background with each other and I was happy to learn of her passion for entrepreneurship and community. Gina is like a mother hen who never gives up on her chicks. She has never stopped believing in me and is constantly encouraging me to follow my passion. I have watched Athena grown so much throughout these years and it just seemed like yesterday when Athena was only a baby. Through constant dedication, attention and support from the leadership team and members, Athena has come to this stage where she has taken flight to soar at a higher scale. I have grown together with Athena and Athena has shown me the real meaning of community. It is not just a place for networking but a platform to grow, immerse in, live it, learn, teach, share and most importantly, supporting in one another’s ventures. I am truly glad to be part of this vibrant community. The never-say-die attitude of Gina has grown on me and she is definitely the force to be reckoned with!

    Karen Lee

  • Gina has such an entrepreneurial spirit and being with her is always very uplifting. She has done a wonderful job in creating a unique female entrepreneurs’ community in Singapore and South East Asia, and she is a true, inspirational leader.

    Susanna Hasenoehrl

  • Gina’s name truly travels further than herself. I heard about her so many times even before we met. In person, she is such an amazingly vibrant connector who bounces her energy off everyone in the room. As a Mum to 3 boys and a successful businesswoman who built a community of 2000+ women in 3 years, she is definitely the key person of influence, representing women
    entrepreneurs. If there is one person you need to know in the Singapore business community, it’s Gina Romero. And if there is one women’s networking event you need to join, it has to be the Athena Network. They just do it right.

    Kareen Lai

  • The Athena Network has been an amazing support for me. It has been such a blessing to be able to connect and learn from other creative, passionate business women, plus many members have gone on to be part of my community here at Woolf Works. Gina is an inspiring, connected,
    gregarious leader who has built up an incredible network and helped many, many woman to have confidence and learn new skills. I would definitely not be such a confident networker without Gina’s influence!

    Michaela Anchan