Personal Branding – It’s now or Never

Athena’s monthly Cappuccino Connections meetings provide attendees with a fantastic opportunity to network with other female entrepreneurs and business owners. We also invite a guest speaker to provide a short training session on a business development topic relevant to business owners and professionals.

In May, we were delighted to welcome Athena Executive Member and owner of Image and Me personal branding consultancy, Maninder Krishnan, to deliver an introduction on developing our personal brand.

Maninder shared her tips on how executives, entrepreneurs and female professionals can work on their personal brand and how important this type of activity is for growth and success.

Personal Branding

What it takes to build your Personal brand:

  • Personal branding is not just a term, but a process
  • Your personal branding process has 3 phases: Extract, Express and Exude
  • Extract phase – identify your unique promise of value, your vision, your purpose, and your focus
  • Express phase – identify the tools to communicate your brand to your target audience
  • Exude phase – identify the elements that constitute your brand environment, including your image, your work environment, your online brand identity system and your professional network
  • Write a ‘Personal Brand Statement’ to convey your unique promise of value, who your target audience is and what differentiates you from your peers and competitors

Why do you need a Personal Brand Statement?:

  • To remind you of your goals and your vision
  • To help you make the right career decisions
  • To help you prioritise
  • To attract your target audience
  • To use as a communication tool

What should be included in your Personal Brand Statement?:

  • Your brand attributes (what makes you unique?)
  • What you do, how you do it and who it is for

How can your Personal Brand Statement be used?:

  • As an introduction to your brand bio
  • To prepare your elevator pitch
  • On your social media profiles
  • In the summary of your resume

An expert in her field and truly passionate about helping others to cultivate their own brand and image, thank you to Mandinder for providing such a valuable and succinct introduction to this important business topic.

Mandinder will be facilitating a Personal Branding Master Class for Athena members in July. For more information, please contact us.

To receive more tips and advice, follow Mandinder’s Personal Branding Blog.

Would you like to attend an upcoming Athena networking event? Contact us for more details.

About Maninder Krishnan

Maninder Krishnan

Maninder Krishnan is Singapore’s Image Consultant for IT and Consumer Business Sales Professionals. With her belief that ‘the answer lies outside the box,’ Maninder guides sales professionals to build an impactful image that is aligned with their goals—within their company and for their career. Maninder developed Image & Me to help others connect to their full capabilities, and she’s focused on delivering seminars and other resources that improve self-image.

Having worked in the media industry with people from all walks of life including international celebrities like Oliver Stone, Norah Jones and Gordon Ramsay, Maninder realised the immense potential of developing a confident self-image to achieve goals, simply by enhancing our visual appearance and combining this with her qualifications as a certified trainer for adult education she envisions her company’s success as one of the top Personal Brand and Image Consultation companies in Singapore. 

Connect with Maninder.

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