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At each Athena Executive Club meeting we hold Business Development Training. These short sessions are designed to share useful tips, facts and ideas covering a wide range of issues relevant to executives and entrepreneurs. Athena Executive Members come from a diverse variety of backgrounds with an immense wealth of knowledge and experience which we all benefit from during these member-led training sessions.

At the 13th June Executive Meeting, Executive Member Mimmie Ong uncovered some of her sales tips which she has learnt throughout her 20+ years in the advertising and digital media sales field.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, the selling aspect of our business can often be the most daunting part – we know we are good at what we do but to maintain our business we must sell our product or service, over and over again. Mimmie guided us on how we can do this:

Mimmie’s Top 3 Sales Lessons

1)      You are only as good as your last sale

2)      It’s only a true sale if you can sell it again

3)      Don’t be a sales person, be a consultant and a buddy people can relate to

The 5 + 3 rule

Following and applying these simple steps can help you sell your product or service, even if you are new to selling.

1)      Needs vs Opportunities

You need to identify the need which your product or service fulfils

Then, develop this need into an opportunity

2)      Features vs Benefits

Do not simply list the features of your product or service, instead guide the customer through the benefits and relate these back to their identified need(s)

3)      Ask the Right Questions

Ask open questions to find out more about your customer’s needs (show genuine interest). Open questions can help you to turn their need into an opportunity.

Ask closed questions for confirmation and agreement.

4)      Support your Customer

Acknowledge their needs and offer the appropriate benefits which satisfy those needs.

5)      Close Effectively

Summarise the benefits your customer will receive from your product/service.

Make an action plan for the next steps.

Do not hesitate, show doubt or uncertainty – you could lose the customer at this point.

6)      Follow up

If you have not heard from the customer, gently follow up and enquire whether they have all the information they need or have further questions. If you receive rejection, don’t worry – you need a thick skin to continue selling!

7)      Deliver

Stick to your promises to retain your credibility and increase your chances of repeat business.

8)      Get Paid

Sounds obvious but this can be even harder than the selling part. Make sure the payment terms and amounts are clear and follow up appropriately.

Whatever our business model, we can always benefit from sales tips from an expert – thank you Mimmie!

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About Mimmie Ong

Mimmie Ong

Mimmie is a twenty year veteran in the corporate environment across Asia and the Middle East honing her skills in negotiation, sales consultation, people reading, training, leadership, management and winning deals – especially in a male dominated environment.
As Head of Sales (SEA) at Vdopia, Mimmie kick-started the Asia operations in Singapore and partnered with trend setters to break the barriers on video advertising; succeeding in catapulting them into the new digital media arena.

She has established the Singapore operations of PA Sport and developed the market footprint to 14 countries across Asia and the Middle East. A Motorola Sales Awardee, she expanded sales in Motorola Philippines by over 300% in a span of 3 years. 

Mimmie is passionate about winning in life and she has always focused on winning! As a Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator, she shares the sales principles that can translate to everyone negotiating for a better life and getting the best deal for their life.

Mimmie is of Filipino-Chinese origins, she moved to Singapore and made it her home 9 years ago.

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