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15th June saw the first session in the 5 month Women Entrepreneurs on the Web (WEoW) training program led by Women@Google and Google staff at their APAC offices and supported by The Athena Network.  Over 50 diversity-led businesses are registered on the program which aims to help women learn the skills to build and develop their online presence.

In the first training session we heard from some of Google’s top people within the search and analytics departments who gave us vital insights into today’s online consumer trends including where, how and why they are searching online for everything from their favourite restaurant to the next fashion trend. Participants learnt about Google’s analytical tools to help businesses identify, track and target their niche market and began an action plan for improving their own business’ online persona.

In small groups, participants were led through a discussion focusing on their own website and business to identify their online action plan, including:

5 Areas to get Started Online

1)      Understand your Online Customers

Who are they? Demographics: male/female, location, age etc.

Why do they need your product/service? What do you offer?

Where do they hang out online?

How will they find you online?

2)      Define your Online Goals

Are you an ecommerce site or do you just wish to inform potential clients about your expertise and experience to build credibility?

3)      Build your Online Strategy

Which platform suits you and your target market?

4)      Implement

Get a website

Promote yourself (using organic search engine optimisation – SEO – and/or paid online advertising)

Engage your customers and visitors to your site (why should they stay there?)

Convert your online visitors into customers (why should they pick you over a competitor?)

Re-engage your online customers (why should they return?)

5)      Measure and Improve

How successful is your site and your online strategy?

Did you achieve your goals?

How will you improve?

Participants went away with key action items to review and implement in the next few weeks ahead of July’s training session which focuses on online collaboration tools.

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