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Athena Cappuccino Connections, Friday July 27th 2012

At July’s Cappuccino Connections, Athena Executive Member and co-founder of The Law of Attraction Centre Singapore, Meenakshi Sarup, introduced the group of over 30 women to the fascinating area of the Law of Attraction, focussing on sales in our business.  She began by asking the audience some thought-provoking questions – have you noticed that there are salespeople out there who seem to be very ‘lucky’ and are able to get the best clients, the quickest sales and just seem to close contracts easily and quickly?  Do you know others who always seem to be down on their luck no matter how hard they try and how much effort they put in?

Meenakshi gave a brief introduction to the study of the Law of Attraction, which as a concept, has been around since the early 1900’s, with the publication of books such as ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (Napoleon Hill), but it is only in recent years that corporations have been adopting its principles in different areas such as Sales, Motivation, Team Building and even Leadership.

So how can the law of attraction be implemented?

The law of attraction has a few guiding principles:

  • It only matches your vibrations (good or bad)
  • It doesn’t judge
  • It doesn’t question (if you display negative energy, negative energy will be returned)
  • A simple pattern is always followed: Words-Thoughts-Vibes-Results

Your words and thoughts (which become your behaviour and make up your character) are your most powerful tools in attracting the things you want into your life. Try these out:

  • Focus your mind on the positive things you want in life and in your business
  • Really focus on how you feel when you have achieved what you want
  • Which words do you use to describe this feeling?
  • Get excited about the results, feel the positive energy
  • Keep practising this and adjust until you see the results you want to
  • Avoid these 3 ‘killer’ words – Don’t, Not, No. The law of attraction does not process such words. For example, by saying “I don’t want sales to be difficult” the universe hears “I want sales to be difficult.” Instead try saying “I want sales to be easy.”

Do you have good vibes?

  • I attract into my life (and my business) whatever I give energy, focus and attention to.” This works whether we give that energy, focus and attention to positive or negative things – think negative and the result will be negative. Sounds simple?
  • Our vibes are the moods and feelings we experience; people giving off ‘good vibes’ are generally very confident, enthusiastic and full of positive energy, and as a result they receive the same energy back in the form of positive results in whatever they are trying to achieve. People who worry, display pessimistic vibes and think the worst is always going to happen to them are often the same people who seem to be down on their luck and continue in a downward spiral.

So, which areas of your life or business can you give your positive focus, energy and attention to? What steps can you take to ensure the best results are achieved and you are happy? How will your language, your thoughts and vibes change to prepare for this positive change?

This brief presentation by Meenakshi is just the tip of the iceberg in learning about the power of the law of attraction. The Law of Attraction Centre runs regular workshops, team building events and corporate training sessions to assist people achieve the result they are seeking in life and in business.

About Meenakshi

Meenakshi Sarup is an MBA with 12 years of corporate experience in Human Resources, Skill Development and Training and Quality Systems. She has gained this experience in 2 of the largest MNCs in the world today – Oracle Corporation and the TATA Group. Training and the development of people’s potential has always been a area that she has been interested in and in the last few years she been actively involved in this area both as an internal trainer as well as Manager of the Training and Skill Development function.

In addition to her Post-graduate in Business, Meenakshi is a certified facilitator in Law of Attraction (Michael J Losier) and a Master Practitioner in NLP (Australasian Institute of NLP).

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