Do you Know How to Delight your Customers?

During August’s Women Entrepreneur’s on the Web (WEoW) training session presented by Women@Google, participants learnt all about Google+, Circles, Hangouts and Ripples!

We were also joined by Jin Zwicky, VP Group Customer Experience of OCBC bank in Singapore, who gave a superb introduction to delighting customers and creating memorable experiences for ensuring return business!


You are a chef!

Jin drew comparisons between developing our own businesses and being chefs. Here’s why:

1) Know your dish (know your customer)

How do you interact with them? (When, method, time, reason etc)

What would cause them to come back to you for repeat business? (Price point, service, no other options?)

What are the real needs of your customers?

A customer experience is their judgment – whether rational or emotional

What journey does your customer go on to find you and buy your services? Think about:

  • Awareness
  • Creating interest
  • The first contact
  • Understanding your product
  • Making a decision
  • Channel – website, store, social media

2)  Get the right ingredients (tools)

Understand and develop a strategy (design experience) to measure and monitor your customers’ activity

Your strategy needs to be completed in this order:

Customer needs –> business goals -> strategy -> channel -> result and impact


a)      Elevator pitch: A great customer experience starts with clarity. Ensure your pitch includes:

Target customer – Who is your market?

Product – Name (easily forgotten when in a rush!), type, features and benefits

Value proposition – How do you compare to others in your market? How are you different?

b)      Research:

  • Survey
  • Focus group
  • Interviews
  • Usability testing (great for product testing and feedback)

Performing your own research can be a cost effective method for learning more about your customer needs.

c)       Customer stories.

Listening to your customers’ stories and experiences will help you to understand them in a deeper way.

Before asking questions, have your team answer these questions:

  • What do you already know/assume about your customers?
  • What is their motivation?
  • What are their goals/tasks?
  • When/where do they use your product/service? 
  • How do they know and access it?

Then, ask your customers:

  • How would you describe yourself as a shopper?
  • What excites you about (e.g.) online shopping?
  • Where do you go first?
  • What pain are you trying to resolve?
  • How could we help to resolve this pain?

Extract key user insights and identify (un) articulated needs – what did you hear/observe? What was inferred?

Next step: Develop strategy

What should you improve? What is the desired experience? What changes are necessary to improve customer experience?

  • Visualise your customers’ end to end experience
  • Understand the complexity of your customers’ experience
  • Prioritise – what is the key channel?

3) Master the basic techniques

Following your design strategy and research process, prototype the ideas generated and test as early as possible before making any final decisions.

Prototyping is a thinking tool which facilitates testing – do not expect to only prototype once!

Design work is more than just the visual aspect of your work.  Set a clear hierarchy and make the most important thing the focus of your work.

Content and language – speak human, use emotional language – it’s simple and creates rapport with your customers.

Structure. Focus on 1 or 2 key tasks and be ruthless.

Measure and monitor. Set criteria and measure it. Measure the customer impact vs business impact.

Why is this whole process so important?

Business success is improved through customer experience. Design engages customers emotionally and emotionally satisfied customers are 100% more likely to buy (and return).

Click to view the full presentation.

Who is Jin?

Jin Zwicky

Jin is a customer experience designer bringing common sense, simplicity and beauty in financial services.
She is currently a VP in Group Customer Experience at OCBC Bank, leading bank’s
top priority initiatives for retail and premier banking businesses. She drives business success in banking product development and improving customer experience at all touch points. She plays a key role in establishing customer-centric design processes and fostering customer-centric organizational culture.

Before joining OCBC Bank, she spent 10 years in Switzerland. She was a senior manager in customer experience at Credit Suisse Private Bank. She led ‘Total Customer Experience’ initiative, a program that set customer experience strategy in key markets and designed experiences across critical channels and key processes of private banking customers.

Before joining Credit Suisse, she was with IMS Health as a senior consultant to leading pharmaceutical companies such as Roche and Novartis in improving their online communications and user experience of enterprise portal and sales tools.

Over 12 years of experience in customer experience strategy and design, she has been speaking at marketing, banking and customer experience conferences in Europe and Asia. She is a publisher of Designful Co. ( a thought-leadership publication on customer experience and design.

Jin studied Change Management at INSEAD and Business Design at Rotman
Business School of Toronto. She holds an MBA from The Open University in UK. She majored in Visual Communications and Product Design and received a BA Art and Engineering from Handong University in South Korea where she grew up.

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