4 tips to find the right formula for sales

Athena Cappuccino Connections, Friday November 2nd 2012

At early November’s Cappuccino Connections, TV presenter, media personality and personal style consultant, Carla Luce guided us in finding the right formula to help sales within our own businesses. With over 20 years sales experience as an account manager, sales executive, TVSN host and presenter and business owner, Carla has learnt that sales is not about just one thing; it’s about several elements working together in a perfect storm to generate results whether you are selling fridges or a makeover!

Selling has always been a core skill for Carla and a talent she has perfected throughout her career. As a sales person, turned buyer then presenter for major brands in Australia and New Zealand, she believes that the same sales principles apply regardless of what business you are in. Here, she shares with us her top 4 tips to identify the right formula for your sales success.

1)      Build a true connection with the client

  • What has motivated your client to be there (in your shop, on your website)? What challenge are they facing? What solutions are they looking for?
  • The sales process always starts with a customer needing to be motivated – track the journey which leads them to you
  • Everyone within your team must also connect with the client (they need to be in line with your business vision otherwise the message won’t translate properly)
  • Are customers happy when they arrive at your store or on your site? Are they made to feel welcome and are you offering them the solution they need?

2)      Identify and leverage your business’ treasure factor

  • Most people respond positively to visual stimulation – can your customers see, feel, touch and interact with your product?
  • Can you provide a video demonstration on your website? Can they zoom in on your website and see the details?
  • Comparisons of ‘before’ and ‘after’ work well too, especially on beauty products
  • Never rely on old-fashioned clichés such as “we offer the best service”, or “our product is the best on the market” – if you have to tell your consumers this, then it probably isn’t true!
  • If your business relies on a person to be the personality behind the brand – leverage this. People buy from people so utilise this benefit.
  • Anything visual works so much better than words

3)      Product is king

  • Everyone within your business needs to know the concept of the product
  • It is key that everyone who interacts with customers knows the product inside out – the features, benefits, limitations, competition, price point etc – any lacking information can lead to the customer not trusting your product or brand
  • Ensure your staff can demonstrate a genuine interest in your product – they are the face of your brand

4)      Closing

  • Explain how to make an order or buy your product – never assume your customers know what to do (even repeat customers)
  • Don’t pitch – it doesn’t work!
  • Find your own presenting style and what you are comfortable with as well as what fits the product
  • Never forget to invite your client/customer to order / make a purchase
  • Provide a clear call to action which will not confuse customers

About Carla Luce

Carla Luce

With a life-long passion for fashion and beauty, Carla worked with famous brands, buyers and producers spanning 10 years during her time as a presenter on TVSN – Australia’s home shopping network.

A self-confessed dedicated follower of all things beautiful, Carla’s expertise in fashion, style and health enables her clients to look and feel their best at all times. As an accredited Style Coach™ by the UK-based Institute of Style Coaches, Carla applies a holistic approach to her clients’ personal style ensuring that they gain valuable skills in selecting the correct colours, designs and fabrics to suit their shape and personality. More than simply a personal stylist, Carla empowers her clients to adopt new ways of looking and feeling their best at all times.

Carla provides a full range of personal stylist services to cater for all needs ranging from wardrobe, colour and style assessments to personalised shopping trips, pre-shopping services and customised VIP style sessions. Using the latest technology to track trends for her clients, Carla’s commitment to style and quality never falters.

Connect with Carla via Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

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