Are You Too Busy to Network?

A fantastic part of each Athena Executive meeting is the Networking Skills Training. These are short sessions aimed at providing quick tips and techniques for members and visitors to maximise their networking activities.

In November, Gina challenged those of us who often think we are too busy to attend networking events.

The same method applies for any activity we want to do, but don’t seem to have enough hours in the day. We all have the same time in each week so it’s about making the most out of that to follow our passion!

To ensure our limited time is allocated to our priorities, Gina suggested dividing your tasks and responsibilities into the following categories:

Rocks – things which must get done (i.e. chargeable work) and important personal things (i.e. kid’s school concert)

Stones – operational items which keep things running (i.e. invoicing and accounts)

Sand – nice to do items (small admin tasks, non urgent follow ups)

Water – mundane tasks (clearing inbox, checking out websites)


What would happen to your day if you began only with the ‘water’ tasks? Always ensure you begin with the rocks!

Let’s break an example down to see how this works:

  • 10 chargeable working days per month
  • You want to earn $12k per month
  • This makes your target daily rate $1200 (12/10)

Now look at a weekly calendar to see how your time might be spent (as a guide):

  • 2.5 chargeable blocks (of $1200 per block) to make $3k per week (and $12k per month)
  • 12 hours for networking, business development, blogging, meetings
  • 1 hour professional development
  • 3 hours for volunteering
  • 4 hours for long-term goals (writing a book for example)

If you can’t fill all the chargeable slots these then become business generation activity days where you are meeting potential clients. Also, the slots can be switched around according to you, your client, your family’s needs.

Gina’s top time management tips:

1)      Put the chargeable work into your diary first

2)      Focus your energy on filling these blocks

3)      Use ‘taster’ sessions to convert hot leads

4)      Work out how much time you are spending on each task in your calendar – in what ways can you become more efficient?

5)      Create good habits for managing time

About Gina

Gina Romero

Inspiring entrepreneur, master networker, visionary business leader and unconventional business thinker, Gina Romero embraces every opportunity with boundless energy and contagious enthusiasm.

Managing Director of The Athena Network, Gina has been featured in Her World, SG Entrepreneurs and on 938LIVE ‘They are Making a Difference’ series, and has quickly become known for her ultra business networking and brand ambassador skills.  Gina is also honoured to be part of the Women’s Register team with Singapore Council for Women’s Organisations (SCWO), which enables her to bring her down-to-earth approach to aspiring female entrepreneurs and business owners.

Connect with Gina on @gina_romeroFacebook, and LinkedIn

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