Social Media Week Singapore 2013 & #planwAthena – The Stats!

Social Media Week Singapore 2013 and its flurry of online (and offline) activities has been and gone – but we can look back on what happened with these amazing statistics gathered.

For The Athena Network, a particular highlight was winning (with a 1% margin!) the #planW campaign which involved lots (and lots!) of tweeting to be awarded the $10k grand prize which we can use to help train women online throughout APAC.

#planW and Social Media Week highlights:

  • The #planwAthena hashtag appeared on people’s timelines 4.18 million times!
  • During the campaign, there were a total of 1,670 tweets (not unique) – On the last day we had a peak of 600!
  • At 1PM on Friday 22nd February #planwAthena started trending and reached 573,335 timeline deliveries
  • More people tweeted from an iPhone than from any other computing device
  • Gina topped the tweeting ranks with a total of 373 tweets during the week

Gina Romero, Managing Director, The Athena Network

It was an amazing experience to participate in the #PlanWboost competition throughout Social Media Week Singapore. Plan W is a fantastic initiative and we are very excited about adding our contribution to Diageo’s aim to empower 2 million women by 2017.

Winning the $10,000 means that we now have the funding to develop the prototype for an online knowledge sharing platform that will bring online training and resources to thousands of women in Singapore and APAC. Over social media week #planwAthena trended in Singapore and stats showed that #planwAthena appeared on 4.18 million timelines so we also created a huge amount of buzz around the project! We hope this will also encourage more backing from the public and potential corporate partners.

 The community support was overwhelming with people from all over the world tweeting the #planWathena hashtag. We were thrilled to see how many people believe in our mission to use technology, community and education to create social mobility for women.

 A huge thank you to everyone who supported us and who took part in the contest – especially Give.SG and Bettr Barista who are both fantastic organisations that we hope to collaborate with in the future.”

What people were saying:


[Source: hashtracking]

Who was tweeting?


[Source: hashtracking]

Gina also put Singapore on the global social media map by becoming one of the top 10 global Social Media Week Twitter influencers! [Read full report]

How many tweets?


[Source: hashtracking]

Where were they tweeting from?

planwsource of tweets

[Source: hashtracking]

A huge thank you to everyone who tweeted and supported us during the #planWboost campaign – a 1% win is approximately 25 tweets so every tweet really did count!

Watch this space for more information on how we are using the $10k funding!

For even more Social Media Week Singapore statistics, visit our friends at We are Social – they created this fantastic infographic too!


[Source: We are Social]

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