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UK Athena member Niki Schaefer visited Singapore in April on holiday – so we invited her along to the Athena Executive Club to talk about her recently released book and the process she went through to get published!


How is expertise measured? Who knows more than someone else? There are always going to be lots of books out there and probably people who know more than you on a subject – but this shouldn’t stop you from writing a book. Show your niche and unique experience – no one else has the same as you!


  • What do you want to represent? Adapt your business environment accordingly.
  • Niki wanted to bring her experience and skills into people’s homes and lives through her book.


The digital world has made it possible for almost anyone to publish a book easily but publishing still poses a challenge, especially when there are so many books for people to choose from.

Identify some awards you can go for – this is a great way to raise your profile as well as to meet potential publishers.

Niki was encouraged by a contact to go for the Britwriter’s award and although she didn’t win, she did meet some wonderful publishing contacts who have helped her a lot.

Remember there is not just one route and no guarantee that you will get published (but it’s still a worthwhile experience!)


Put your emotion into your book – or anything you write (blogs, articles etc). People love to hear stories from other people so express yourself. Some things just can’t be written via a tweet in the same way.


Why are you writing this book? To enhance your business profile? To showcase your expertise? Unless you end up on the bestselling list, making money will rarely be the main reason.


Writing a book is a time consuming process. Niki’s book took almost two years to complete.

Set yourself deadlines to meet – one chapter a week for example. Add this time into your calendar and stick to it! Like anything, self-discipline is so important to master in this demanding process.


Meet other writers, learn from them. If you don’t feel you can write the book yourself, find someone else who can.


Remember when selling your book, you are also selling yourself and your business. Use opportunities to give talks and mention the book – it is often more memorable than just a business card!

Niki Schafer

About Niki

Niki Schafer is the author of “Creating Space – how to design your calm, sane, outrageously gorgeous home and family-life” which was shortlisted for the Brit Writers Non-Fiction Award 2012 and was published on Mother’s Day, March 2013.

Connect with Niki online, on twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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