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Each Athena Executive Club meeting includes Business Development Training. These short sessions are designed to share useful tips, facts and ideas covering a wide range of issues relevant to executives and entrepreneurs. In June, Gina uncovered her super organised inbox secrets…

Do you receive a lot of emails on a daily basis? Do you have a backlog of emails sitting in your mailbox? Is it possible to efficiently maintain an empty inbox with so many competing priorities? Gina showed us it’s not only possible but can be fun too!

What tools do you use to be more productive?

Outlook (Exchange), Outlook (pop or imap), Outlook Cloud (Office 365), Mac Mail, Gmail – a combination of all the above?

Each of these can offer great benefits to help you become more organised but it’s important to understand what you might need to give you that extra push.

Gina’s Tips, Tricks and Tools for becoming an inbox superhero

Cool Tools:

Sanebox – super intelligent filtering that supports all mailbox types sweep and move function for mailbox cleanup (hotmail)

Mailbox iPhone app – user friendly email management (only available for Gmail at the moment but you can set up a forwarder from other accounts and manage them here)

Mailstrom – cleanup and manage unruly mailboxes

Office 365 – (Microsoft Exchange in the cloud) – especially great for remote teams and collaboration on projects  – includes calendars, shared mailboxes and a suite of productivity tools. All mailbox types are supported and suitable for single users up to enterprise level.

Inbox 0 Superhero!

[Gina shared her own process for ‘doing’, ‘deleting’, ‘deferring’ and ‘archiving’ her emails!]

You need:

  • A system-  not just technology. Do you know what type of emails you are receiving? Sort your emails by type (Sanebox and are great for this). If you have a backlog in your inbox, start with Maelstrom.
  • To unsubscribe from anything which is no longer relevant to you and set up a simple folder structure – anything too complicated and you probably won’t stick to it for long.
  • A process which works for you and your team – yone has different ways of processing information.

Remember – Inbox 0 doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do – it just means you are back in control!

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About Gina

Gina Romero

Inspiring entrepreneur, master networker, visionary business leader and unconventional business thinker, Gina Romero embraces every opportunity with boundless energy and contagious enthusiasm.

Managing Director of The Athena Network, Gina has been featured in Her World, SG Entrepreneurs and on 938LIVE ‘They are Making a Difference’ series, and has quickly become known for her ultra business networking and brand ambassador skills.  Gina is also honoured to be part of the Women’s Register team with Singapore Council for Women’s Organisations (SCWO), which enables her to bring her down-to-earth approach to aspiring female entrepreneurs and business owners.

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