Networking in a Coactive Way

At July’s Athena Executive Club, Elfarina Zaid shared her co-active coaching tips we can all apply to networking.

The Power of Intentions

People don’t do business with companies, they do so with other people

The Power of Co-active Conversations

CoBeing ActiveDoing
People focused Task-oriented
Curious Directive
Asks Tells
Senses Knows
Reflects Commands
Requests Compliments
Acknowledges Tasks


Co active 1

Powerful Listening Skills

Level 1 – internal, content details only

Level 2 – person-to-person interaction

Level 3 – environment (and this is the essence of being coactive)

Being interested in the other person, hence letting the other person talk more than you, will leave them feeling wonderful because you have let them talk about themselves and what interests them. Everyone wants to feel heard and understood, so this is a great networking benefit when you use powerful listening skills

Asking Powerful Questions

  • Open-ended to evoke a conversation (‘How can I help you?’)
  • Not focused on collecting more information (Don’t just ask ‘What do you do?’ But ‘What’s your story?’ Ask them to wow you!)
  • Come from a place of curiosity
  • Person-focussed
  • Take the person to a new/unexpected direction
  • Everything is useful

Co active 2


Your thoughts become action, your life is made up of your actions – make sure it’s good! Being accountable is a great outcome out of coaching. In networking, being accountable to the other person you are talking to (whether it is passing a referral, or saying thank you)  is an action step that will build relationships).

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Elfarina Zaid

About Elfarina

With a focus on Asia, Elfarina works with a diverse range of people and organisations to blend innovation, leadership and engagement into their work. Her company, Elf Coaching, partners with organisations, governments and leaders to impact Asia on a global landscape.

Elfarina is the first Singaporean faculty with the world leading Coaches Training Institute US where they offer Coactive Coaching Skills much needed in our roles as Entrepreneurs, Leaders and life. For more details on the upcoming courses in Singapore Sept 6-8, 2013 click here.

Connect with Elfarina via LinkedIn.

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