We are all story people

Stories have the power to make people fall in love. Stories make us cry, make us enraged, make us feel inspired; they influence us, move us and spur us to take action. What else has the ability to do that?

What’s more powerful than the curation of words and meaning put in such a way that it moves us emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually?

Creating meaningful content

Those who have met me at Athena will know how incredibly passionate at am about stories. One of my favourite things to do is interview members to find out their stories. It’s when I feel most connected to the ladies in the community and when I feel most inspired.

I’ve met a former military combat officer who became a financial adviser after a life changing revelation, I’ve met a former diplomat-in-training turned raw food educator after a past-life experience; I’ve met a criminal lawyer who became a Supreme Court mediator in her pursuit for peace and diplomacy; a selfless filmmaker bent on raw honesty; a devoted daughter whose company is a loving tribute, a self-made author and entrepreneur overcoming self-limits and introversion, a divorcee whose found  a higher vision in crowdfunding and “crowd wisdom” (soon to be publsihed!) and many more giants.

These are great women and their stories deserve to be told, heard and understood. These are the stories that illuminate their deepest motivations and convictions; these are the stories that fuel their passion to build their business and drive their direction in life. We all have one.

What’s your story?

This Friday I’ll be doing a rare speaking appearance to share on “creating meaningful content” to talk about just that. Want to dig around for your story? Attend this Friday 27th June Cappuccino Connections event , we can have a chinwag in person.

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